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The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind…

July 23, 2012

Bob Dylan wrote that lyric not knowing that a blogger in 2012 would apply it to a post endorsing wind energy.  But here I am referring to Dylan after reading several facebook comments in response to an image that shows a hypothetical (and satirical) “wind turbine spill” not hurting the environment.  There were reactionaries to the post — one person cited the dead birds accountable to wind turbines.  I recalled all the wind turbines in the Palm Springs, CA area and along the PA Turnpike between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.  Those recollections reassure me.  I have faith in my California and Pennsylvania brethren.

Weighing the knee-jerk reactions of intelligent people, I figured that facts would be a better weapon than emotion to assess the merits of wind power.  I did a little Googling and fact-stealing to come up with my support for wind power.

Take the link below. It will lead you to good data about wind power.  Here you go:

Still, there were bold opponents, like ‘Maisie Beme” who wrote, “haha. the dead birds will wash ashore though…”

And “Clay Kent” who believes, “Despite its useless and service as a extermination tool to kill birds. I’m just sayin’.”  Translation: wind power doesn’t work but it’s good for getting rid of birds.  Just sayin’, no hard feelings.

What’s a proponent to do in the face of such intelligent arguments?  Turn to our knight in shining armor, ‘Real GB.’  Now here’s a facebook commentator whose wind power advocacy counters the naysayer bird lover with real information!

Fear not, bird-o-cide, implies ‘Real GB.”   They call the wind Mariah and she’s good, real good, as ‘Real GB’ writes:

“Study showed little threat to birds. Bigger threat: Climate Change. A poll of over 1000 people showed 85% support more money being invested in renewables. Myth: Wind power is expensive Fact: Onshore wind energy is one of the cheapest low carbon energy technologies. Wind is competitive with new ‘clean coal’ fired power stations and cheaper than new nuclear power. You can continue to grow crops under turbines and decommisioning is simple and clean. Big oil/gas spend $$$ trying to disprove renewable technologies but wind power is growing at an exponential rate globally. Tidal is the UK’s biggest source of untapped energy and is cm predictable. The one question that no government / industry will answer: When fossil fuels run out, where will we get our energy from? So far our heads are burried in short term profit but the sooner this is addressed the less unpleasant it will be. Of course industry wants to disprove all forms of renewable because it means that there profit is gone forever! ExxonMobile make $1,300 PER SECOND! Its fossil fuel companies who are keeping people in fuel poverty not the renewable industry!”

That’s real, GB.

That dude was ready for this debate.  Now it’s the opposition’s turn.  Show me some facts.  Stun me with hard data… Or come on around to our side — The Truth.

The truth is out there — blowin’ in the wind.Image