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Would you approve of your child?

July 18, 2012

Hypothetically speaking, your 18-year-old child comes to you and says s/he is ready to leave the nest and make his/her own way in pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

S/he answers your questions on a wide range of topics.  Your child tells you s/he is conservative or tells you liberal; tells you s/he wants to speak English or, if the family’s native language is not English, the language s/he was raised with; explains s/he is willing to work hard at whatever career or job and pay taxes that will help her country remain safe, strong, just, and helpful to those who fall through the cracks for whatever reason.  S/he says s/he wants to find true love with someone of the same, or different, color; the same, or different, gender.

Your child goes on to say s/he believes in God or disbelieves in God, is of a particular religion or no religion at all.  S/he assures you that you have done a good job as parents and that s/he hopes to have or not have children someday, in some way; that s/he wants the choice, or no choice, on his/her decision regarding reproductive rights.

You get the picture…

Will you approve of your child and wish him/her well, whichever path s/he chooses?   Or will you want to define his/her life, liberty and pursuit of happiness so that you feel good about it?

Freedom begins at home.  Encourage your child to become who s/he is and pursue what makes him/her happy.