About Front Porch by Rob Grogan

My view of life from the front porch comes from my perspective of family and community. By honoring my family and serving my community, I am living a fulfilling life, enjoying the simple pleasures and the views — real and methaphorical — from my front porch, reaching out to yours, and open-mindedly working for a stronger nation and a better world, one word at a time… My wife and I have been publishing Front Porch fredericksburg Magazine and www.Frontporchfredericksburg.com every month in Fredericksburg, VA since July 1997.  Our mission is to help build community, emphasize local assets and resources, and help thy neighbors stay connected during these current economic times, by living simply and humanly, and by conveying positive messages through our writers and ourselves.

One Response to “About Front Porch by Rob Grogan”

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