Boston Weak

Ryan Dumpster is a “looser.”   That is how a Fenway fan’s handmade sign spelled the word in reference to A-Rod when the Yankees played in Beantown last weekend and took the series after Dumpster awoke the sleeping giant.

I am not an A-Rod fan but if he’s in pinstripes, then I want him to produce, and he is.  He did that night, knocking a monster home run off of Dumpster in his third at-bat.

Dumpster showed no character, and his manager showed even less in his silence.  Only Yankee manager Joe Girardi and the Yankee players — led by A-Rod — kept their dignity and did the right thing.  Even the ump was a weak chump.

This all happened just a month and a half after the nation united with Boston and became “Boston Strong” against the terror attack.   I even took a photo in a Red Sox cap in the bay city’s honor after the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.  But, no.  The Fenway fans ripped it off of my head in a disgusting manner.  I looked on, on TV, as dads among the Fenway Faithful dealt with their young boys booing A-Rod and cheering his plunking by Dumpster.  My dad would have told me to stand down and be a gentleman, that the game was not meant to be sullied by A-Rod or by the sophomoric response of the players he hurt — one is as bad as the other, and fans should remain above the fray.

So now I’ve returned to the days of Aaron Boone and Bucky Dent, the only two players in MLB history to share the same middle name.  And speaking of names, I hardly think we will remember Eric Dumpster within a few more seasons of our National Pastime.  And “Boston Strong”?   No. That’s a misnomer.  It’s back to being Boston Weak.  Just like old times.



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