Loosen Your Grip

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Loosen Your Grip

Collette and David Caprara were listening to a CD by Bob Sima, called Thin Little Veil, and wrote in a note card that whenever they listen to it, they think of me, that singer/songwriter Sima is so uplifting, and that our mutual friend Mari Kelly agreed that this CD is for me.

So, gratefully, I slid it into my computer, and I listened.  And I listened.  And I welled up with tears but held back the flood… as long as I could, which was up until the song “The Looser The Grip” came on… And then I let go.  I loosened my grip on the rest of my day; it floated to me like a cork on a wave – unsinkable, inertia of motion – forward and inspired as August 16’s surgery approaches to fix my lymphatic system problem.

“The Looser The Grip” made me think of Arch Di Peppe, who is out of action for a few months after surgery to remove his inflamed gall bladder.  Arch always tells me to “let the day come your way”; don’t force it.  When it snows and the driveway is impassable, he reminds me that it’s “God’s way of telling you to take a day off” and enjoy His wonders of nature.

It made me think of singer/songwriter Ken Caffrey, who toils passionately at his craft while working a full-time job and raising a family in Fredericksburg.  It’s his choice to continue to tour regional gigs whenever he can, despite his heavy load.  He simply loves to play music.  So, he loosens his grip and let’s the opportunities present themselves whenever they can.

“The looser the grip, the lighter the load,” writes Sima in this lyric.  “When you lay down your head, you want to sleep at night, but you’re wide-eyed and worrying heavy on the state of your life.  Just let go let go let go.  Leave it by the side of the pillow because the looser the grip, the lighter the load.”

“Shine” opens the Thin Little Veil CD, telling us, “If you let your guard down long enough you might just like what lets itself on in.  If you open the door just a crack or two, you’ll get a flash of what you’ve been missing… So let it shine, shine…”

The entire CD is this way, lyrically, vocally, and musically.  Bob Sima shines through as yet another talented, so very human and gentle soul from our community.  How not to be inspired!   And how honored to be mentioned in the same breath.  Thank you, Collette, David, and Mari.

“’Cause there are hands to be held and stories to tell and hearts that ache to be freed.  Love to share from within, peace to begin.  If not YOU and ME, then who, where or when?”  — Bob Sima, “Be The Change.” (bobsima.com)



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