A Non-Stop Day

A non-stop day

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Early to rise — that theme holds true for me as I love to begin when the songbirds cue up, even though that means wearing down early as the day unfolds. There is something hopeful about the early hours and the promise of the new day ahead. I putz in the kitchen, feed the animals, open the windows and turn on the fans; it’s “me” time with a purpose, as I get the day going with a fresh perk of joe and Coffeehouse on XM radio.

I check facebook, email, Rob’s Army, ball scores, the FPf web site, and my Google inbox; If I’m in the mood for news, I turn to Morning Joe. And I always go outside for a breath of fresh new-day air, where I gaze around heaven and earth in wonder and awe of our beautiful environment.

Early to bed, I calm my chatty mind so sleep will come and pass the night quickly, until the promise of the next new day comes around, and I begin again, a happy guy.

June is my month — Father’s Day, and my 61st birthday that same day, June 16th. I have everything I could want, except maybe a pair of khakis that fit my shrunken frame; but I have the spirit to fill the gaps in those trousers, and the will to regain my healthier form.

Thanks to my friend David Kerr, who knows cancer up close and personal, I have learned to swagger and defy it, to break some rules and not let it trap me. A grilled bratwurst does not scare me, it invites me. A Scotch entices and relaxes and celebrates me. And an hour on the patio with a friend, even at the end of a tiresome day, is everything I could wish for.

My young nephew Adam and his sisters Kendall and Makenna sent me hand-crafted get well cards. They made my day — another non-stop day never to be forgotten.





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