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June 10, 2013

Rain and rest work wonders. I slept intermittently til after 7 a.m. today, a rare sleep-in for me. Overnight rains and a clap of thunder scored my semi-drama with a sound track performed as a lullaby to this exhausted character in my oddly-scripted play.

It worked. It cleared my head and restored my peace of mind, shutting off the busy brain chatter that serves no good purpose but recycles small worries and clutters the head with nuisance. My sleep restored me.

Virginia did not have it so well, tossing and turning, awake in the middle of the night to tweak a faulty TPN pump as it sent nutrition through a portal into my body all night long and into this morning, a 12-hour process each day. The storm had jarred her awake, the pump alarm alerted her senses, the opportunist dog stole her bed spot after she had awakened to close a window and manage her impromptu graveyard shift punch list of unexpected to-do’s.

Alexis came in the room at 7:45 to check on me since I am usually up and writing hours before that. She had already brewed a pot of coffee, and I sip that hot nectar now as though I am receiving life blood itself. I managed a brief time in the studio to transfer my draft files to the manuscript zip file, ready to resume in earnest my book, to which I am totally committed after all this time. It’s never too late unless it becomes too late, and that clock never struck 12, to my good fortune. I am all-in now and the timing is in alignment with the life I have known for the past 25 years and, most recently, as it has unfolded since last June’s first symptoms of cancer.

These are exciting and challenging, and also fulfilling times for my family and me. Our foundation is our passion, our infrastructure the community. It is people as diverse as a rainbow’s colorful spectrum; it is quirky and different, odd, and good; it is love-based and character-built thanks to the lessons of our parents, mentors and closest friends.

The wee hours are my allies, the day light stands at my side as well; and, the moon is my night light, the stars winks of approval, as I accept that my life continue to unfold, forwardly, fondly, to a more enlightened state as I age and learn, as I write and experience more of life’s meaning and its message that ‘goodness’ is what matters most.

Today is a refresh of my heart and soul’s cache page, a cleansing, another new beginning for the next chapter. I pledge to make the most of it. I owe that to myself, my loved ones, my community, my planet, and to life itself.

We all do. We all could use a cleansing, and today is a fine day to get it going. May you feel it and enjoy the peace it brings you.




A Non-Stop Day

June 4, 2013

A non-stop day

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Early to rise — that theme holds true for me as I love to begin when the songbirds cue up, even though that means wearing down early as the day unfolds. There is something hopeful about the early hours and the promise of the new day ahead. I putz in the kitchen, feed the animals, open the windows and turn on the fans; it’s “me” time with a purpose, as I get the day going with a fresh perk of joe and Coffeehouse on XM radio.

I check facebook, email, Rob’s Army, ball scores, the FPf web site, and my Google inbox; If I’m in the mood for news, I turn to Morning Joe. And I always go outside for a breath of fresh new-day air, where I gaze around heaven and earth in wonder and awe of our beautiful environment.

Early to bed, I calm my chatty mind so sleep will come and pass the night quickly, until the promise of the next new day comes around, and I begin again, a happy guy.

June is my month — Father’s Day, and my 61st birthday that same day, June 16th. I have everything I could want, except maybe a pair of khakis that fit my shrunken frame; but I have the spirit to fill the gaps in those trousers, and the will to regain my healthier form.

Thanks to my friend David Kerr, who knows cancer up close and personal, I have learned to swagger and defy it, to break some rules and not let it trap me. A grilled bratwurst does not scare me, it invites me. A Scotch entices and relaxes and celebrates me. And an hour on the patio with a friend, even at the end of a tiresome day, is everything I could wish for.

My young nephew Adam and his sisters Kendall and Makenna sent me hand-crafted get well cards. They made my day — another non-stop day never to be forgotten.