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What IS Today? Memorial Day…

May 30, 2011
What IS Today, Memorial Day?
Today is hot here, but not as hot as Lexington & Concord or Manassas were, or Normandy; or Iraq and Afghanistan are.
Today, we swim while our soldiers sweat.
Today, we grill!  — A thrill, especially if you imagine dining on MRE’s instead, or “Say – can I have some of your purple berries; been eating them for six or seven weeks now; probably keep us both alive” (“Wooden Ships”, CS&N).
Today, we remember — our fallen AND our active duty.
Today, we salute, somberly yet celebratory.
Today — we honor the dead, pray for peace, and support our Warriors when they are called into action.
Have a happy — and conscious Today — Memorial Day…
— Rob Grogan, Front Porch fredericksburg Magazine

Osama Bin Laidout

May 3, 2011

Upon hearing the news of OBL’s death, I feel a sense of relief and exhilaration, not at the death of a human being but by the end of one evil life.  Buried in my subconscious for nearly a decade, my pent up emotions are now released, and that is healthy.  I allow myself my knee-jerk reaction, my fist-pump and smiles of joy.  I chant “USA USA USA!” in a way I’ve been deprived of for sometime now. That is a good thing; my visceral reaction is just and justified.  Any high-brow pseudo-elite or psychobabble-spewing snob who tries to deny me my primitive and proud reaction and burst of cheer will be disingenuous and naive of the human condition… Yes, there will be time for deeper thought and reassessment later, the renewal of our commitment to the still-ongoing fight, and the effort to win hearts and minds.  Our nation and the world will face terror backlash from the operation that gave us the world’s most famous text message,  “Geronimo E- KIA”.   And our enemy will wonder how the hell we found and entered a secure fortress, and killed enemy #1 with zero collateral damage and no loss of US lives, with positive proof of his body’s identity, and, with no thanks to Pakistan.   I laugh at the irony — we always warn ourselves that Al Qaeda is patient, they will wait us out, that ten years is no big deal to them between big events… and now, nearly 10 years after 9-11, we have proven to be the patience and persistent ones. Today, we got him.  Tomorrow is another day, and the war continues.  But today, we vent, today we say, “Thank you, SEALS; Good Bless America; and, rot in hell, OBL…