Derek Jeter is a Yankee

Derek Jeter is a Yankee. They owe him, yes, but he owes them a lot. If he is seriously committed to the Yankees having a legitimate shot at title #28 in the next three years, then he should take the deal and be a leader. His ultimate numbers matter most if they are all as a Yankee. His best money is as a Yankee. His quickest route to the Hall is as a Yankee. His legacy as a team player is as a Yankee. But if he is so greedy and so naive as to think he can do better elsewhere rather than free up some money for the betterment of the rest of the squad and thus enhance the Yankees’ chances of winning another World Series with him, then let his old body go to another team. If he comes to that, then he’s all about Derek and not about the franchise that made him who he is. Enough money is enough money. A championship and the dignity it carries is priceless.

Look at our rival, Boston.  Mike Lowell — he knew when to leave.  Big Papi will do his next contract and retire, too.  Come on, Derek.  Your best years are behind you.  Man up. Sign up. Win #28.

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