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Favre’s Insanity

January 25, 2010

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same behavior expecting different results. For Bret Favre, retirement should be unequivacoble this time around after he threw the same type of pass — the ill-advised type– for his last throw against the Saints that he did against the Giants two years ago in the Playoffs.  He should then author a memoir whose final chapter is titled, “How to self-destruct on the doorstep of victory”  [heck, let me write it for him: first, inexplicably put 12 men in the huddle and take yourself out of field goal range; then ignore a minimum of six to eight yards of open green space in front of you and throw the most ill-advised and panicked pass conceivable].

And why does every single ball handler on the Vikes carry the football like it’s a hot potato?  They went from nearly Super Bowl participants to definitely super Bowel participants in just two high-schoolish plays to end their chances in regulation; with help from the officials, they then made it easy for the Saints to close it out in OT. It was like an LMN movie channel movie: great plot and acting until the final few minutes, then an abrupt anti-climactic ending. Boo.

Had looked forward to Bret v Jets but got neither.  Now I’ll root for local highschooler, J Bushrod [King George, VA] to help his Saints win the SB.