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November 5, 2009

As the New York Yankees capture their 27th World Championship, a full moon rises over my house, a sure sign that the Universe has righted itself for the first time in the 21st Century.

The Yankees won their 26th title in 2000, the end year of the 20th Century and has suffered a drought, by Yankee standards, ever since. They lost in 2001 to the Arizona Diamondbacks in seven games after 9-11, but not before God had shown uncanny interest in the Yankees in all three games at Yankee Stadium in which the Bronx Bombers gave New Yorkers a much-needed lift with three miracle walk-off victories while the skies over Manhattan remained scarred with residual smoke and calm fear in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks.

As a cradle-to-grave Yankee fan, I know we made it to the Fall Classic once more this decade [Was it 2002 ? I try to forget.] but lost, at home, to the low-payroll Florida Marlins, who introduced us to a young pitcher named Josh Beckett.   Beckett would return in a Red Sox uniform to haunt us in 2004, which is when we blew a 3-0 lead in the ALCS.  Johnny Damon, a Red Sock that year, crushed us in the Boston comeback, including hitting a Game 7 grand slam home run, and Pedro Martinez relieved in game 7 for Boston.

Martinez opened Game 6 for the Phillies tonight, and Damon opened the game in left field for us… The Universe has a way of doing those little things. It is one mother-of-a-nuanced set of galaxies.

Tonight, it came around for the first time this century and rebalanced itself.  The Yankees, led by their “Core Four” —  pitcher Andy Pettitte, catcher Jorge Posada, Captain Derek Jeter, and the greatest post-season closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera, defeated the Phillies to assure the Yankee franchise’s 27th world coronation and the fifth such crowning together for each of the Core Four in New York.

In 2008, after failing to reach the playoffs [under Universal order, I believe] for the first time in 13 seasons, the Yankees  instead closed their old ballpark to Jeter’s manifesto, in which he commanded the fans to create new memories in the new Yankee Stadium. That, the fans did tonight, and the Yankees did their part to comply.  They won the World Series in six games. They defeated the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies. They brought the Universe full circle and allowed it to right itself.  It happened in New York, New York; “so nice, they named it twice. ”

Congratulations, Yankees. You have touched a lot of lives, and we are happy for you as well as for ourselves.  “I want to be a part of it, New York, New York”  — well, tonight you let us in and made things right again. The Universe has returned to order, and its Ground Zero once again is 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx, New York.